Our succentric process.

Value is not created overnight.

In times like these (2018 / 2019), when funds can utilize unprecedented liquidity and companies are being sold from fund to fund (secondary buy-outs, etc.), profitable, growing founder or holder owned firms are in search of rare commodities. The strategy of financial investors and strategists alike is to communicate as directly and as quickly as possible with the owners in order to build bonds, to find exclusivity and to prevent market pricing through bilateral processes. In such buyer-driven processes, sophisticated preparation, the recovering of transaction risks and the elimination of purchase price-reducing legacies become impossible. As a result, the seller loses a significant portion of the potential enterprise value.

But there are other important reasons to prepare for an exit from a longer-term perspective: Unprofessionally prepared or "ad-hoc" sales lead to transaction interruptions, significant impairments or serious warranty risks. Professionally managed companies prepare an exit with sufficient time and use this process to sharpen their strategic position and simultaneously to build M&A know-how. A successful company sale consists of the result not only of the best possible purchase price, but also of a sustainable legal framework and last but not least of the realization of "soft" seller conceptions like job security, name guarantees or similar.