Performance M&A for

Technology companies.

Entrepreneurial triggers for investments and sales are diverse: whether attracting minority participation to finance growth or realizing corporate value as a personal asset which dominates in many cases.


With many years of broad entrepreneurial experience and an absolute focus on technology and growth companies, northwise can structure and successfully complete sales processes for strategic buyers as well as financial investors such as venture capitalists, private equity funds and family offices.

Limited auctions


The M&A market is dominated by transaction processes involving one to four potential buyers of companies of between 5 and 25 million euros in turnover. Experience shows that over 75% of the final buyers did not appear in the first long list. Our northwise "Performance M&A" process scales your chances of getting the best possible buyer. Our buyer database of 5,000+ potential acquirers combined with further identification across competitors, customers, suppliers and market-bound companies ensures the best possible selection of all eligible buyers. So we can regularly address 100+ potential buyers individually for you – if you wish. Then, the timely defined auction process develops the effect that sellers want: creating a marketplace for optimal value creation, defined timing for signing, and constant transparency and control.

Each deal has its time frame - 180 days to sales success.

Traditional M&A processes are usually an emotional roller coaster. With typically only a few potential buyers, the buyer dictates the schedule and terms. One day the deal seems to have fallen through, the next there is a redeeming call – or not, because the buyer holds all the cards.


Our "Performance M&A" process gives you back the control: a large number of potential acquirers creates the best possible, perfectly fitting market. The acquirers are in a clearly defined and communicated timeline: after a 30-day preparation period which we use to create your corporate marketing and filling of the data space, we address a variety of potential buyers during the teaser phase. By drawing up an NDA, these buyers document concrete interest and receive online access to their corporate book, which provides comprehensive insight into your company and figures. On this basis, the buyers make indicative offers, from which you select negotiating partners for the next phase. 


Since our corporate marketing phase already includes filling the data room with your documents, there is no time delay that can stall the sales process: we fully utilize the second half of the process to oversee the due diligence process with the most promising candidates and the preparation of signing and closing.

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